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Our Pioneer Stories

These are the stories of some of the intrepid men and women who came to Arizona while it was yet a territory, as remembered by their descendants.

José Refugio Barragán, ca. 1830 to ?
Francis E. Coles, 1878 to 1972
Joseph Collingwood, ca. 1838 to 1882
Charles Donofrio, 1863 to 1942
The Donofrio/Grosso Clan
(Margaret) Helen Gass, 1914 to 1986
William Isaac, 1827-1900
James McHugh, 1853 to 1931
Jane "Jennie" Netherton, 1827-1902
George Eggleston Truman, 1865 to 1929
More pioneers buried in the Pioneer & Military Memorial Park, 1884 to 1914

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